Not Available in All Areas...

I heard an ad the other morning for the Chevy Volt; it can be plugged in anywhere and gets great mileage...wait for it though...it's only available in select markets (auto ad-speak for big cities), perhaps where a super milage efficient car is least needed. Why is it that everything that's "cutting edge" or "life changing" must debut only in select markets? We're lamenting the move from rural areas to urban centers, yet we can do nothing proactive to stem this trend? I wonder what would happen if the Chevy Volt was made available only in areas with 50k of population or less? In the spirit of innovation, let's limit availability on a few other things, just see how this plays out:
1) Marriage Licenses: perhaps we can have a lottery set up for these, with quotas by state. Just for fun, let's make the quota the same for each state. I'm sure that California and Hawaii and Nevada will sell out quick, but North Dakota, Rhode Island and Nebraska would benefit from increased tourist dollars.
2) Churches: already have a Catholic church in your city? One's all you get. Ditto on the Lutherans, Episcopalians and Methodists. How about a new mosque, synagogue or standing circle of stones complete with altar?
3) Government Terms of Service, all organizations, Municipal, State or Federal: the president can serve 2-four year terms, so can you. Don't like the break? Try out a seat in congress, the drain commission or be mayor. Still want to be engaged? Volunteer your time where you're actually going to do some good for once.
4) Humanity: "I'm sorry, we've reached our threshold for single white females in Boston. What's your next choice?" If we're really a mixing pot, let's mix things up--again...
I'd enjoy hearing your thoughts on this; anyone care to join the discussion?

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