To Get Noticed, Accessorize pt. I

I talked to a friend of mine from Chicago the other night, we were talking about what was going on in the city the next few weekends, if he'd be coming to Michigan in the fall and just sort of catching up in general. Near the end of our chat, we segwayed to relationship and sex talk. He mentioned that he'd joined a social group and was hoping to meet more "quality" men this way. I asked what exactly the social group did, play cards, run, attend the baths en masse...he said that they were a group of guys that met once a month to hit a gallery or museum and then went off somewhere after for a beer or wine or coffee and eventually to dinner. I asked if he'd met anyone interesting, apparently not. A lot of the guys in the group joined with or because of their partners; he's a single guy hanging with a bunch of attached others. There wasn't much to the sex side of our conversation, just the usual reiteration of frustration about meeting men who insist that they only top, insist that they are 38, when really they are pushing 50 or who are very up-front about what they are looking for sexually, but are so shy/scared/closeted that they are unable to either perform or seal the deal. In parting, my friend asked me if I took my dog running with me. I thought it was an odd question to end our conversation with, and stated such. He replied that a lot of his friends met their current beaus when out running with their dogs (single gay men just love other gay men running with dogs) or whilst ogling a guy running his dog. I've heard this before, but he went on to explain, that if a guy was running with a dog in the city, one could infer a few things about said guy:
1. He has more disposable income than the guys running sans canine; he must have $$ to feed the pooch, pay the extra deposit for a pet-friendly apartment, etc.
2. If the dog is one of the large and/or active breeds, then he must have a large place in the city, plenty of room for the dog, and for the future husband.
3. If the dog is one of the small and/or show breeds, then he likely has a well furnished home or has used the services of an interior designer.
I found all of this to be amusing and thought about what my border collie-Australian blue must say about me. I also found myself thinking about guys that I've encountered with their dogs while I've been out for a run. I'm pretty sure it's safe to say that the observations my friend made about men and their dogs in the city does not apply to men who are out running their dogs in the country. Most of us up here have ample room to house our dogs, be it in the house or in the yard or in the barn; while I buy "better" dog food than a lot of the people that I know, I still feed my dog lots of "people" food too; I'd not consider taking a toy poodle or a malti-poo out for a run on the trails for fear that a hawk, eagle or roaming bear might leave me with a tiny leash and small pile of offal. Interesting what one's dog can say about one. Further reflection (and the fact that my dog dislikes 99.95% of the other dogs that we've met) makes me think I need to cross off meeting a man while out running. Unless of course he's naked, sporting a cock ring, wearing a gay pride shirt and possibly chasing after me--just for the record though, I'll take any combination of the 3 out of the above 4...

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