What is there to do up there anyway?

I travel a fair amount in my free time, usually to Chicago or Saugatuck or Kalamazoo, and the thing that I most often am asked is: what is there to do up there? I can tick off a list of things that are fun to do, I can tick off a list of interesting things to do in the winter or in the summer, I can talk about fun places to go nearby or must-see places that you should go. Usually I get through all of this, sit through a flummoxed pause, then hear, again, what is there to do up there? I give pause at this and ask for clarification... How do you meet men? I usually just shrug and point out that I meet them the same way that the rest of the homosexual population does; there's the Internet, the bar, Facebook, friends of friends and other sources. While this satiates curiosity for some, it seems to lead to more questions for others; what do you do when you want to go shopping, is there any culture, what about when you get three feet of snow and there's no hope of going anywhere, and on and on. To answer briefly, I can shop on the Internet or take the train to Chicago if I'm not happy with local stores; we have museums, art galleries and plays out here too; and the snow, seriously? If three feet of snow fall overnight, I'm up early, skis ready and off to play. The point to all of this is that I realized a long time ago that if I wanted to have a yard, putter around in the greenhouse, play in the garden, rip out aforementioned yard and plant giant mixed beds--and not have to spend 800k or travel 1.5 hours one way to work to do it, I was going to have to live out/up here. Much as I yen for civilization some times, often all it takes is a trip to the greenhouse to clear my senses.

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