Straight Education

My friend told me the other night that some of what I blog about has been eye opening to him; he's straight, we'll excuse him for that, but it made me wonder if I should put a disclaimer or some sort in the header of my blog. I sort of thought that with a moniker like: The Rural Homosexual, and the fact that 98% of the people that browse me through Facebook know me--and my uncensored way of speaking, that would be enough. Perhaps I should smile a bit more now that I have introduced the concept of the glory hole to one more of the masses, perhaps I should compile a list of terms that are common in the gay lexicon though abstract in the minds of the other team, perhaps I should figure out a way to incorporate stick figure drawings in my post so as to illustrate though not become totally and thoroughly "adult"... I wonder how that would go over, flipping to the front of the blog and seeing a term du jour with shabby illustration (I say this because my art skills are horrible, cut and paste I can do, actually draw, Hah!) or maybe I should embed a link to my terms, just click on the little blue underlined term and voila, picture or video or expanded definition, maybe some etymology for the word... Maybe I can generate a term to begin each posting with, if you get past the first few lines, then I know that you are primed for the rest. Maybe I should finish with my term of the day, give you something to contemplate while you start your work day or get ready for bed (lube costs extra of course!). Maybe I can get some kickback from the Boy Butter people, you know, give a plug line: If you feel the need to seed after your read, reach for the tub before you rub... *Click below for complimentary sample and more information*
Term of the Day: bareback
Riding anyone?

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