Avid Manhattanite

Those of you that know me, know that I love wine and I love dark beer, but if I'm really in the mood, then a bourbon manhattan is my drink of choice. It's got to be perfect, don't be shy on the vermouth, on the rocks, bitters optional, olives for sure, none of this twist shit. Tending bar, I've made about 10k of these, just the way that I like them, sharing them with the unsuspecting public; most manhattan drinkers order another one and then another one... I'm here in Eugene at one of my new favorite places in the city educating the bartender...apparently, here the standard recipes for drinks do not apply...ask for a perfect manhattan...pour a dash of both sweet and dry vermouths in the glass, swirl, empty, shake bourbon and bitters with ice, strain into glass, garnish with twist and serve. Want it the "real" way? Then you need to order it extra wet and stirred... A standard manhattan has 1/2oz vermouth and 2-3oz of whisky, usually with a cherry garnish and an optional dash or three of bitters. A dry manhattan uses dry vermouth instead of sweet, a perfect manhattan uses half of each, so... 1/4 oz each sweet and dry vermouths and whisky (sic) or bourbon. Try to explain to the bartender what you want, it'll come out in oregon-speak as a super wet perfect manhattan... I've decided that if the bartender would measure out the drink we both would be happy, especially after I go through the trouble of telling him how I want it, failing that, I'm asking for the bottles to be placed on the bar in front of me so I can count out my own pour. I shudder to think what I might get if I order an Old Fashioned...

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