Are We Pre-Post-Social(networking)?

Those of you that have been following my posts may remember an earlier post about the difficulties that I have faced meeting potential beaus; I've lamented the loss of coffee-culture, the loss of bar culture and the loss of early net-culture. The www now appears crawling with social media and networking sites; at the heart there is FB and its predecessor My[____]; there are the new sites like G+ and MeetUp; for those wanting something less vanilla there are Grindr & Scruff. A few quick profiles checked off, a picture or two uploaded (or taken, compliments of robust Android & iOS) and you are well on your way to meeting future friends, lovers, soul mates or tricks--you can even link these services together, perhaps augmenting them with Twitter so you can broadcast who/where/what you are doing anywhere in the world. Turn on the location finder, you can see all the users that are within a few feet of you, actively cruising without a care in the world. I'm left wondering what's next and what those of us avant-garde & pseudoavant-garders are going to use? Thoughts? I'd consider working in granite if it weren't so heavy (and I'd be assured he'd still be around by the time I finished the letter...)

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