Over Dose

The state of Michigan legalized pot a couple of years ago--sort of anyways. If you have a note from a doctor and pay a licensing fee, you can grow and consume mary jane legally. With a graduated sort of license you can grow for others as well. Dispensaries for 411 popped up like morels after May rains soon after. A few weeks ago, the legal system of the State ruled that dispensaries are illegal; you may grow for a friend, but you may not sell to them, nor may you sell to those carrying a license; they must grow for themselves (at least that's the way that I understand it). I don't really have a problem with marijuana; I feel that it should be controlled in a way similar to alcohol: if you are operating under the influence, there should be consequences; if you are high at work, there should be consequences; if you can't pass a urine test, there will be consequences; let's tax the substance like we do alcohol and tobacco products and be done with it. I don't have a problem with my friends that smoke marijuana--some use the drug to counteract MS or to assist with chronic pain, others to dull the world and relax. I don't have a problem with my friends that grow marijuana--most do so for their own personal use, a few do so to provide for others (which is still legal, provided they have necessary paperwork). With all this build-up I'm sure you're wondering what I do have a problem with, and I'm getting there, I promise. I just need to make the point that on the bulk of the "issues" that are thrown around by the media and lawmakers, I do not have an issue.
What I do have an issue with is the convicted felon that is unable to maintain a business, yet is able to sell and grow pot: it's more convenient to look the other way than for the local fuzz to open that can of worms. I take issue with city governments thinking that local ordinances trump state law; if you'd like to re-criminalize 411 within your locale, put an ordinance to a vote of your citizens; I think you might be surprised at the outcome. I take issue with the state; your citizenry has done its job, now do yours--our proposals need to be briefly written and concise in their language, the content needs to be construed in such a way as to be universally legally binding (period!) and possessing clarity of intent and purpose. I take issue at the money that is wasted in litigation on laws which have already been passed; we are lacking funding for education, health care and myriad other things, but the petty bullshit squabbles of DC must be mirrored in Lansing.
What would I like to do? I'd like there to be an immediate moratorium on all 411-related legislation at the state level; those issues which are currently in existence are to be evaluated solely by the court system of the state; there are to be no fact-finding panels headed by representative Smith, nor are there to be motions made by representative Doe. I'd like the state to enforce its laws; if the city of Big Rapids bans the growing of marijuana within its boundaries, let's let the state remind them there is a higher power, one that can and will act in its citizens' interests. Most of all, I'd like the people in power to mind their own damn business.

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